purpose of steel grating!
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The primary purpose of steel grating in the areas, places, and walkways of the buildings belonging to commercial and industrial spaces, is to reduce sliding by increasing the friction of the surface. You are well aware that working areas in factories are prone to bear heavy transportation of goods and labours running here and there every time. This is the reason chances of falling, slipping, sliding, and hitting each other increase and become a reason of accidents which sometimes are severer enough to take lives.

The decrease in the Accidents:

For this cause, factory owners and mill owners use steel grating in the non slip stair treads, walkways, fire escapes and other types of wet areas to increase the frictional force and decrease chances of sliding down. Also, OSHA recommends using grating in the workplaces to reduce accidents.

Increase Stairs' Life:

Another purpose of the non slip stair treads made with steel grating is keeping the stairs safe from rusting and damaging. How? Well, it is simple, you know that water is the biggest reason for rust, but these gratings never let the water to stay on a surface and decrease the chances of damaging the overall machinery.

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